‘It makes me wonder..’

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‘ There’s a sign on the wall but she wants to be sure
‘Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings.
In a tree by the brook, there’s a songbird who sings,
Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven.

Ooh, it makes me wonder,
Ooh, it makes me wonder…’

Today was a sad day in The Netherlands. A National day of Mourning, to pay respect to all those who died in the awful downing of Malaysian Airline flight MH17. This afternoon two military air crafts – one from the Royal Dutch Air-force and one from the Royal Australian Air-force – brought ‘home’ 40 unidentified bodies to Holland, in ‘Operation Bring Them Home’.  I watched it, live on TV.

I have not personally suffered a loss, nor do I know anyone who has. The fact remains, 289 ppl died and all those remains will be brought to Holland, 193 of them…

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A Summer of Changes

Hello again everyone, for those who have been reading this blog or following on flickr or koinup, or who may know me inworld know that I became pregnant in SL just a little before the end of March.

I had long been a holdout on the very idea of a virtual pregnancy. Simply for the fact that I have had to come to grips with the fact that even though I’m young I’ll never be able to have a child in RL. However things changed in my Second Life so far in the year of 2014. I’ve grown, I’ve made enemies and had to sever relations with some who used to be friends. And what was the catalyst for all this? I became honest, honest with myself and with others. I finally became romanticly involved with my best friend and business partner of four years in SL, people had commented that they had known we were to be together long before either of us knew. I think at least for my part I knew but I was to afraid to try anything. But I’m very happy and fullfilled that I finally admitted it, because on Sunday July sixth we welcomed our son Christopher Thomas into the virtual world.

Resting Safe

Also I have had the rare opportunity to spend time RL with my SL partner, which is why some of you who may know us inworld realize, we haven’t been on much as we’ve been living our summer. So I found it to be fitting that the first ever interview I do for my blog would be with my RL boyfriend and SL partner Bruce MacMoragh. It’s funny as we sit down to do this interview I can look directly over the top of my screen and see him in his recliner on his laptop, his little boy beside him playing MineCraft on his tablet, the girls in another room watching videos on youtube. We communicate across the cozy livingroom, which had been hand built by his late grandfather after World War II, with silent gestures and smiles while inworld we sit in our living room talking in the standard SL fasshion of IM’s.

So here is our welcoming you into our Second Life and our family.

Family Time

Me- Sooo…. we had a baby. 🙂
Bruce- Yes we did. You handled it very well.
Me- Well thank you babe. And thank you for agreing to let me interview you for my blog.
Bruce- You’re welcome so is this going to be like playing 20 questions?
Me- lol Yes actually very much like 20 questions.
Bruce- Can I ask you questions too? And if so wouldn’t that make it 40 questions?
Me- Yes and yes I guess it would. So ok lets start, well wait first what ground rules do you want? I mean how much do you want people to know about Bruce?
Bruce- Never really thought about that and you know pretty much everything about me at this point. And that’s your first question.
Me- Wait no fair! LOL Ok I see how we’re going to play it then. ;P So ok tell me what drew you to SL?
Bruce- I was bored. Working weekends at the time security in a secured building so I had time and sometimes 12 to 14 hours a day.
Me- What did you first do in SL?
Bruce- Well I became involved with the super hero and comic scene in SL. You know role players, cosplayers and just fans of comics in general.
Me- You rp’ed?
Bruce- No..lol.. I never roleplayed I got involved with anti griefing groups and started to make costumes and avatars of super heroes. I actually created my store, well now our store, [Workshop OA] by camping for lindens and hunting linden trees. Do you remember those?
Me- Vaugly I think they were pretty much gone by the time I joined SL.
Bruce- More than likely.
Me- So other than building the foundation of the store what else did you so in SL?
Bruce- Nothing. Literally nothing the first few years of SL. I would work on the store, design avatars and log out. I didn’t really need, or want a Second Life, social life. At that time I was married. So really nothing else in SL intrested me. I was fascinated with building and creating. I was very liberating a blank open canvas and relatively free materials.
Me- I can relate on the artistic part.
Bruce- Now, what did you do your first year of SL?
Me- Really? I mean come on you know what I did. (he smirks from his recliner and then winks) OK fine. I was a dancer.
Bruce- Ballet, show, jazz?
Me- (I shoot him a dirty look to which he winks again) Ok fine. I was a stripper.
Bruce- A lot of girls did that. Nothing to be ashamed of it’s not what defines you now. In some ways it was your way of camping to earn money too. It was a learning experience and if you hadn’t done that we wouldn’t have met, and I wouldn’t have found out you were interested in learning how to create and design yourself.
Me- Ya know that sounds like we met at the club.
Bruce- Yeah I guess it does, although our story is a little more twisty and turny than that.
Me- Have you ever even been in a SL strip club?
Bruce- Nope. Been to a bachelor party though. LOL
Me- You work with heroes, who is your hero or heroes?
Bruce- That depends on the situation really. I have lots of people and characters I admire the traits of.
Me- A lot of people at Aftermath II sim and who see you on my koin and flickr see you as Batman often.
Bruce- Yes, Batman is certainly on the top of the list.
Me- Who else?
Bruce- Not to sound sappy, but my dad and grandfathers. Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Rick Grimes, James Kirk, Han Solo, Anakin Skywalker. I know that’s a mix of real people with fictional people but they all hold things in common. A fragile humanity. A sence of duty and right and wrong. Sometimes even having to go over or cross the line to do the right thing. They also all share a good heart deep down.
Me- I can see traits of all of them in you. Do you have any SL heroes?
Bruce- LOL No. I don’t think any resident is more important than any other. I think each resident of SL should be taken at their own level. Meaning I’ll give the same respect to a one day old who just rezed for the first time as I will an 11 year old. When it comes to fame and how many lindens you have in the bank, it makes me laugh. That really means nothing. What if something happens when someone logs out and is never able to log in again? The avatar is gone. Many people get caught up in the entire high society of Second Life and it’s make believe. Now having said that I have had the privalage meeting some very nice and very talented people and have made friends with them. Aus Ninetails, ElusiveButterfly Ember, Kent Karillion, Hal Jordan, the members of the Green Lanterns. And talented creators and designers like Eric Hunter, Victoria Lenoirre, Machiaveli Caeran, Lantz Skytower and others. Then there is the artists, the fabulously talented artists I’ve been able to either meet or see the work of such as yourself, Wheelerwood Oppewall, Sarrah Docherty, Tess Falworth, LadyVelvet Rose, Furry Andel, Cenedra Ashbourne, Victoria Lenoirre again. See many people in SL cross over like yourself a designer, a blogger, photographer, artist and business woman. So same question for you, your heroes, RL and SL?
Me- Well I agree with you about elitism in SL, I hate it very much. I also try to not get to into hero worship but to be transparent and honest….lol… I do have a hero, aside from my parents of course. Gwen Stefani. I find her to be so amazing she’s like the total package you know? She’s smart, she’s strong, talkented, creative and beauitiful.
Bruce- And SL?
Me- Wow… I have influences of course some shared with you, Sarrah, Wheeler, Victoria, Tess, Tessa, Warren and Cindy Ochs, Vel, El, Strawberry Singh, Cryssie Carver, Crystalship Rehula, Freyja Meryman, and so many, many others. (if I missed your name it wasn’t intentional! 😀 Love you all!)
Me- Over the years you’ve been in SL you’ve helped so many people in SL, if you had back all the lindens you’ve given to start peoples businesses or just as gifts with interest what would you do with it? And would you even take it back?
Bruce- I could buy you that sim you always wanted. LOL Nah, I don’t think I would, baby. If I have it and can help that to me is more valuable than the lindens in the bank. We do fine we maintain our 4 inworld stores and two homes and have plenty of money to play with.
Me- Are you planning to stay retired from creating for a while?
Bruce- No. Not forever. As you know I’m working on two classic pro wrestlers to release in the fall.
Me- Care to tell yet? I mean I know who you’re working on but for the interview.
Bruce- Hawk and Animal, the Road Warriors.
Me- So to talk about [Workshop OA] Inc how would you describe it to new people.
Bruce- Well we offer costumes for super heroes, cosplayers, fantastic fantasy skins which you have made and in the clothing area ]FiDdLeDiDdUmS[ we have fan gear, t-shirts, jackets, womens clothes and other things. And really Meryll I owe it to you that the store is still in existance.
Me- We do it together. (we share a silent smile of thanks across the room) And now you’re married with a SL baby. Where do we go from here?
Bruce- Well. Right now I’d have to say, how about to bed?
Me- XD

Bruce MacMoraghBruce MacMoragh is soon to be a seven year resident of Second Life. He is a graphic designer and historian by trade having worked in the corporate art world, as well has having been a teacher and worked in radio and broadcasting.

You can see Bruce’s photography here

You can browse through [Workshop OA] on SL Marketplace here

You can visit us inworld at [Workshop OA] Inc at the Aftermath II sim here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Unabated/122/121/1961

What I’m wearing

Body Parts
:[ Al Vulo! ]: – [Ewa] -[Sunkissed Natural]
Slink Female Mesh Hands Relaxed
FATEeyes 3.0
Slink Female Feet Flat

{W} Mesh Sinclair Frames


Tokyo.Girl Hair Beanie

Demi’s-Starshine.* Hizma
EarthStones Splendid Love Bridal band Platinum

Blueberry Phoebe Cardiagan with Vest White
**S&C** Black Leggings
REIGN.Ahoy Sandals Tan

What Bruce is wearing
Body Parts
Tellaq- Vulcan Skin
Az.. Blue Ice Eyes

[Gos] Custom Eyewear- SCT Loaded

**AGRACE * RYO- Blacks*
-dD- Beards- Dizzy- Midnight

ENF- Double Hoop and Ball Earring
EarthStones Mo Chusele Men’s Wedding Band
REDGRAVE- necklace leather-cord-barbwire- Cow-

** Guarded Cross * Work Shirt II – Sand
REDGRAVE- LQMesh/ ClassicCut Jeans Black
PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor

37 Weeks Almost Done

About to pop!
About to pop!

Hello everyone, this is possibly one of my last posts as an expectant mommy to be. Now at 37 weeks on my HUD and eagerly awaiting the arrival of our little boy. So soon perhaps we’ll have some baby pics and introduce you to our son. 😀

I used a soft windlight created by Strawberry Signh which had a nice blue tint to it for the arrival of our little guy.

So soon we’ll see the new baby and a new chapter to our Second Life.

Bruce and my trip to the beach before the baby arrives.
Bruce and my trip to the beach before the baby arrives.

What I’m wearing

37 Weeks Almost Time

What I’m wearing

Body Parts
:[ Al Vulo! ]: – [Ewa] -[Sunkissed Natural]
[d] Lush Breasts 1.4
Slink Female Mesh Hands Relaxed
Slink Female Mesh Feet Flat
FATEeyes 3.0
Apple May Designs Baby Bump Medium Full Term

[XI] Mesh Victorian Eyeglasses

-DAMNED- CatEyes makeUp
.:Glamorize:. Get Lost Combo lips with teeth

Milk* Hair~ Bang! Bang! Short *Blondes
Tuty’s- Genius High ponytail Platinum hair base

Demi’s-Starshine.* Hizma
EarthStones Splendid Love Bridal band Platinum
POMPOSITY- Brat Bracelet

SLAVE- OpenSweater
X*plosionX-Cross Female Pants Stright (Cirrus)
1 Hundered Smexy Suit top

Pose- KaTink Pose Meh Pretty

Eight Months Inn-o-sin-t!


Hello everyone, finally at 30 weeks on the pregnancy hud, and still with the thanks to !!SpoiledLiLBrat!! able to look and feel sexy, although I’m so ready for this last 10 weeks to pass quickly. I’ve enjoyed the changing of my avatars shape but I’m so done, and ready to wear cute things again. So this has been a total blessing that !!SpoiledLiLBrat!! lingerie works wonders and makes dressing up fun again. This time I’m wearing Inn-o-sin-t in pink, and love the details, the lace is well done with small satin bows and a fantastic back on the panties in pearl g-string design, which does carry a bit of double entendre and a heightened sense of sexiness with the white pearls carefully placed between your cheeks. The lingerie set comes with appliers for Lola’s and Azzes and works wonderfully.

My shoes I’m wearing also come from !!SpoiledLiLBrat!! and I love these things. Extreme wedges in a latex look with super cute and sexy airbrush designs. Although in reality they would be a mix of bdsm ballerina boots and hoof boots and entirely impractical but in SL they work so well with the look and honestly scream come f**k me! I’ll absolutely be wearing more of the !!SpoiledLiLBrat!! Brat Wedges more in the future! 😀


What I’m wearing

Body Parts

:[ Al Vulo! ]: – [Ewa] -[Sunkissed Natural]

Lolas ::: Tango

Slink Female Mesh Hands Relaxed

Apple May Designs- Baby Bump Medium Full Term

FATEeyes 3.0


***ArisARis lgs95 Azahara Classic Glasses


.:Glamorize:. Hot Shot Lips hot Pink 3

AngelRED Christina Eyeshadow Bubblegum


.ploom. Bambi-Indecisive


Demi’s-Starshine.* Hizma

EarthStones Splendid Love Bridal band Platinum

POMPOSITY- Brat Bracelet


!!SpoiledLiLBrat!! Inn-o-sin-t pink

!!SpoiledLiLBrat!! Candy Wedge




Father’s Day

Taking a father's day stroll with Bruce through the town of Twin Ochs
Taking a father’s day stroll with Bruce through the town of Twin Ochs

Today is Father’s Day in the U.S. and wanted to take a moment to give some thoughts on the subject of fathers and dads. So far this summer I’ve had the great opportunity and pleasure to spend the summer with my SL partner and best friend and see the family dynamic from the adult side of things.

The cliché is any male can father a child but it takes a man to be a dad. In just the few weeks I’ve found that to be very true and appreciate all the things my father has done for me in my life.

A dad is a guide, a cook, a artist, a provider, a doctor, a nurse, a playmate, a ear when you have something to talk about, someone to share your ideas and dreams with, someone to day dream with.

It doesn’t matter how much money a dad has, because dad’s will give you what they have to insure that you are provided for. Dad’s know when it’s best for you to say no to something you want, and not back down no matter how much you may whine and cry for it. A dad knows when to give you something you need also even though you may not understand or want it.

A dad doesn’t even have to be related to you by blood or genetics, they can be a dad simply through love and care.

For all the dads out there and all the hats they wear and all the jobs they do.

Happy Father’s Day and thank you! ❤

To visit the town of Twin Ochs in Second Life follow this link, I will be doing a full post on the town of Twin Ochs and ImagineNations gallery in the near future.
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wicked River/122/130/501

Luxurious at Seven Months

Hello again, over the SL weeks and SL months of being pregnant one of my biggest issues was finding clothing that would compliment my growing shape and I know I can’t be the only one.

Well to my luck I was selected to blog for Shy Furlough’s !!SpoiledLiLBrat!!, and to my enjoyment found that the lingerie works quite well with my larger shape and tummy!


So for other SL mamas to be surprise daddy as he comes home from working hard put some music on, get the candles and his favorite drink then wear this hot little lingerie set from !!SpoiledLiLBrat!!


You can find !!SpoiledLiLBrat!! on SL marketplace here


And watch here for more from !!SpoiledLiLBrat!! in the coming weeks

::What I’m Wearing::

Body Parts

*L.inc* Phat Azz

:[ Al Vulo! ]: – [Ewa] -[Sunkissed Natural]

Lolas ::: Tango

Slink Female Mesh Hands Relaxed

Apple May Designs- Baby Bump Medium Full Term

FATEeyes 3.0


[URIZASKA] Glasses “Vintage” Play in Silver 1.1


-DAMNED- CatEyes MakeUp

.:Glamorize:. Get Lost Lips


[e] Locked- Blonde 07


Demi’s-Starshine.* Hizma

EarthStones Laraine Jewelry Set- Diamond Platinum

EarthStones Splendid Love Bridal band Platinum

POMPOSITY- Princess Bracelet RARE


!!SpoiledLiLBrat!! Black Nite

N-Core Veritgo Heels


![Michigans Shack] Urban Pallet Bed


Diesel Works Kneeled set 1

What was on the stereo to set the mood when he came home

Sunday Shopping The Vintage Touch and Gachateria

Feeling Vintage
On my way into The Vintage Touch

Hello everyone hope you are having a great day where ever you may be in the world or on the grid.
As those of you who may know me and those of you will come to find out my tastes are quite wide ranging and not what could be called exactly mainstream. My favorite outfits are usually mix and match and I tend to avoid formal wear at all costs, although I can clean up pretty well when the time is right.

Last night I happened to find to my luck not only gachas but an entire vintage store, complete with clothes, jewelry and home décor. The stores were The Vintage Touch and Gachateria both of which are own by Elysiane, a wonderful and friendly designer with a flair for the esoteric and vintage style.

I had the pleasure to speak with El for a bit and found out that she is participating in several hunts currently including…

The Sailaway Hunt
The Silk Road Hunt
The 60’s Movie Hunt which starts Monday June nineth
The Gacha Tour
As well as being in the Beached Bunny Hunt in her Grumble Store

Be warned if you are a gacha addict like myself and love off beat and retro décor bring lots of lindens! But it’s well worth your time and will make a fantastic addition to your SL home.

Vintage Monster Lunch Boxes from The Vintage Touch
Vintage lunchboxes of the great monsters from the time before werewolves were angst ridden pouters and vampire sparkled in sunlight

So this is my first focus on fashion and shopping for my blog and the focus was The Vintage Touch and Gachateria.

You can find The Vintage Touch and Gachateria at the following SLurl


What I am Wearing

Up close details of what I am wearing from The Vintage Touch as well as The Secret Store, N-Core and Truth
Up close details of what I am wearing from The Vintage Touch as well as The Secret Store, N-Core and Truth

Demi’s – Starnshine.*Hizma
Earthsones Splendid Love Bridal Band- Platinum
Vintage Touch Grassy Kitty Necklace

.:Glamorize:. Hotshot Lips- Nude 3

TRUTH HAIR Snow – Variety

Body Parts
:{Al Vulo!} – {Ewa} – {Sunkissed Natural}
FATEeyes v3.0
Slink Mesh Womens Hands Relax
Beached Bunny Ladies Prize – Vintage Touch 60’s Retro Shades

Bride of Frankenstein Lunchbox RARE from Vintage Touch

Betty Swing Dress- Pink Polka from The Secret Store

N-Core STILETTO “Special Edition” 21ShoeEvent

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